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The Smalldon Group, LLC’s (TSG) vision is to be an effective collaborator in the success of our clients by providing exceptional service, substantial expertise, and a steadfast commitment to achieving the goals and objectives of any organization.

We commit to three core values: Integrity, Excellence, and Commitment:

                Integrity – Every interaction with The Smalldon Group, LLC will be conducted with truthfulness and in an ethical manner

                Excellence – TSG provides the utmost level of specialized services on behalf of our clients.

                Commitment – We are fully dedicated to the success of our clients.

Our Services


Association Management Services

Executive Director Services

TSG offers Executive Director (ED) type services to numerous organizations. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board and is responsible for ensuring that all directives from the Board are carried out properly.

Utilizing their many years of expertise in organizational management, the ED will make suggestions to the Board concerning what is considered the best practice in their respective industry, developmental strategies for growth, future opportunities, and initiatives.

As the main point–of–contact for the Board, all work is assigned to the Executive Director who, if needed, will call on other members of the team for support, ensuring that all work is completed in a timely manner.

The Executive Director also oversees all work and ensures the delivery of quality products and services to our clients. If preferred, the Executive Director could act as the “public face” of the organization.


Membership Development and Retention

TSG provides membership support to our clients and their associations to include membership recruitment and retention, attraction activities, and events. We aid companies in stabilizing and growing their membership.

We will provide an exceptional level of support and service to our clients; maintain database to ensure that they are current and accurate; and oversee timely and effective communications with all individuals within the firm and the boards of directors.

TSG has proven strategies for recruiting new/younger members, such as the use of social media to reach and engage this important constituency.

Strategic Planning

TSG has provided strategic planning services to dozens of associations.

We will start with a thorough assessment of the company current standing, review potential opportunities for development and growth, and cultivate strategies that will ensure that we achieve the goal and objectives of the organization.

The Executive Director will consistently review the established goals and the progress made to accomplish these goals. The ED will also work with the board of directors to ensure that the company is in position according to the plan.



TSG professional staff members are experienced in handling all functions of an organization, regardless of the industry.

We currently provide administrative/executive level support to over 56 organizations throughout Canada and the United States.

We are continuously updating our technology, reviewing our policies, procedures, and operational systems in order to ensure the highest level of excellence and efficiency to our clients.

An Administrative Manager will be assigned to your organization and will work at the direction of your board of directors.

The Association Manager will provide full administrative support to your organization to include the following:

  • Maintain membership database
  • Assist with membership recruitment activities
  • Prepare all mailings, products/letters (actual and electronically)
  • Answer all calls and respond to member inquiries and requests
  • Schedule board meetings, prepare board packets, and provide full support to the board of directors and committees
  • Provide member communications 

Association Headquarters

Some items that TSG offers for your organization include the following:

  • Assign an Association Manager as your main point-of-contact
  • Receive and answer calls in your association’s name
  • Main e-mail addresses will be managed to ensure that all daily communications are handled.
  • Manage items remotely

Affiliate/Related Organizations Support


TSG understands the importance of building and maintaining solid relationships with related organizations and works to support those efforts.

We can also offer expert services in developing positive rapport with local organizations, whether they are in regions, chapters, or units.

Electronic Publications

TSG will work with your organization to provide consistent and effective communication to your members and includes the following options:

  • Prepare and distribute e-blasts
  • Prepare and distribute newsletters
  • Maintain your organization’s website

Grant Writing

When submitting applications for funding, you need to be able to convince the reviewers that your project/requirement is a worthy endeavor. At TSG, we ensure that your application is comprehensive and factual when compared to other applicants and that it emphasizes the overall importance, worth, and benefits to the community that your projects will bring. We have over 18 years professional experience writing applications for projects for non-profit, for profit, and individual applicants. TSG has acquired extensive knowledge and insight into what foundations and governments look for when awarding financial assistance and have brought more than 4 Billion dollars to our clients in grant funding.

Why Should You Outsource Your Grant Writing Services?

  • The process is simple, saves time, and increases the chances of winning a grant
  • A unique research approach is applied to ensure the best funding options by matching programs, geography, and funding windows
  • Key contact personnel information is provided to ensure follow-up and relationship building for the future
  • Insights into Government priorities give you a better chance at receiving funding
  • Customized grant proposals are based on the preferences of the identified granters – so your time is spent wisely

Services TSG Offers:

  • Search of relevant grant opportunities (Foundational, corporate, state, and federal Government grants)
  • Writing letter of intent/Inquiry (LOI)
  • Writing full length proposal
  • Writing short proposal
  • Cover letter
  • Minor program development assistance
  • Problem statement research
  • Supplementary applications

Project Strategy Development

We develop a clear roadmap for each specific funding opportunity and guide the application process from conceptualization to submission.

Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Identify appropriate solicitations
  • Devise technical objectives / aims,
  • Writing proposal draft and editing
  • Drafting commercialization plans
  • Review and editing

Commercialization Plans offered include:

  • Business Plan
  • Market demand
  • Customer discovery
  • Go-to-market risks
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • Financing / Revenues
  • Cost Analysis –Regulatory

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Requests for Proposal Services (RFP)

When completing a request for proposal services, we use a variety of different methods to ensure that we are able to prepare an effective and efficient response to any type of RFP request without the constant back and forth review processes. These methodologies ensure that you are given an exceptional proposal in a format that meets the RFP requirements and is distinctive from the competition.

Typically, RFP’s have specific requirements and evaluation criteria. The challenge is presenting these requirements without repeating the RFP and using formats that are appropriate for the RFP you are submitting. The individuals reviewing the RFP’s want to know how you do what you do, not just what you are going to do. They also need to have confidence that your company has the experience required to successfully complete the contract.

In response to a proposal for RFP, it is first prudent to distinguish all of the requirements and develop an outline taking into account any special/specific instructions provided in the solicitation itself. Without this understanding of the requirements/special instructions, your proposal will only end up in the waste basket. Just downloading a proposal template sample from the internet will only give you some general content suggestions but may not meet the requirements set forth in the solicitation.

The Smalldon Group, LLC has extensive knowledge and experience writing RFP’s and know how to present your company experience and background in a way that will instill confidence that you will be able to provide the services required, that your staff have the appropriate skills and technical expertise that is being sought.

For all requests for proposal (RFP) services, The Smalldon Group, LLC (TSG) will:

  1. Learn your firm’s competitive advantages and goals
  2. Identify proposal opportunities best suited for your businesses present and future goals
  3. Leverage these advantages to find appropriate RFP opportunities

A full-service proposal writing services project includes:

  • Providing the client with a good understanding of the effort and a fixed-price cost
  • Ensuring sufficient time to see the project through to a successful conclusion
  • Creating a detailed outline of every proposal requirement/response expectation
  • One senior proposal writer takes charge of every proposal project
  • Continuous review/sign off on each draft for each section throughout the process
  • Final formatting includes callouts, images, charts, and graphs as required
  • Final documents (PDF format) and detailed delivery instructions are provided to the client

Our RFP services are unique for the following reasons:

  • You will be assigned a senior proposal writer to develop your proposal
  • TSG’s extensive experience working for and preparing proposals in busines formats for various industries to include, but not limited to IT services, web development, training, mobile device apps, consulting, security, food service, collections, real estate, relocation, and more
  • Provide thorough instructions for providing the required information prior to writing
  • Experience at all levels of government (federal, state, and local)
  • Familiar with government/non-government proposals: RFP, RFQ, RFI, TO, IDIQ, MATOC

Conferences and Events

TSG successfully organizes conferences, conventions, trade shows, and events throughout the world.

In the age of COVID-19, TSG has proven its value in pivoting planned in-person events to either successful hybrid or virtual models.

  • Plan and produce events and conferences
  • Produce promotional materials
  • Coordinate with event site
  • Produce event materials
  • Provide follow-up and support for speakers
  • Assist in preparation of sponsorship packets
  • Provide follow-up and support for vendors
  • Manage registration
  • Provide onsite management of the event
  • Provide all necessary services to ensure a quality event

Technical Consulting

TSG offers Technical Consulting services:

SAAS application development (product roadmap and execution), process automation, data processing/conversion, data visualization (Reporting Services), onshore/offshore technical team development.

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Certification, Testing, and Education

TSG manages continuing education, certification, and professional licensing for a variety of professions. TSG can provide your organization with a complete testing or certification program designed specifically to meet your professional requirements. 

Certification, Testing, & Education services include: 

  • Pre-Examination Administration
  • Examination Preparation and Production
  • Site Coordination
  • Post-Examination Administration
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Continuing Education Management 
  • Administrative Services
  • Committee Support

TSG works with many national, international, and statewide organizations to provide strategic, administrative, and financial management support to an association’s committees, task forces, and work groups.

Web Design, Marketing and Communications


Consistent and effective communications and marketing are critical to building a dynamic association.

TSG uses a variety of techniques to engage and keep organizational members up to date. Some of the items that TSG does include the creation, maintenance, and promotion of a user-friendly website, regular email blasts, social media creation and/or maintenance, and digital or print newsletters.

Our web design and consulting services are aimed at helping our clients to easily navigate the digital space.

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Financing and Leasing

We offer Financing and Leasing services. What can you lease?

Office equipment & furniture, Desktop computers, Phone systems, Tools, Machinery, Commercial Vehicles, Signage & Electric sign boards, Construction equipment, Safety equipment, Kitchen equipment, etc.

Why Lease?

  • Preserve your company capital instead of a large initial outlay to buy
  • Capture the tax deductions quicker vs. depreciation schedules of different asset classes resulting in a better annual bottom line
  • It’s easier to qualify for a lease vs. loans as there is less paperwork involved
  • Opportunity to lease certain specialty equipment that your bank simply will not finance due to it being out of their range of willingness to lend
  • Leasing options for people who are brand new to a business with no experience or co-signor option
  • Re-leasing old equipment currently owned free & clear that you paid for 5-10 years ago to free up capital for new projects and inventory
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Why an AMC?

Association management companies (AMCs) are for-profit businesses that assist companies in a variety of different positions to help them develop and prosper. AMCs offer the knowledge, personnel, and resources that will allow professional societies, not-for-profits, trade groups, and philanthropic companies to manage day-to-day operations effectively and achieve their long-term goals.

Additionally, according to the AMC Institute, companies that use AMCs tend to experience more than three times the growth in net assets and 31% more growth in net revenue than those that do not use AMCs.

We Are Proud Members Of:

Our Team

Crystal Smalldon, President & CEO

Crystal Smalldon, President & CEO

Crystal is an experienced Executive with extensive decades long experience and a track record of success. She attended Niagara College, Brock University, Carleton University, The University of British Columbia, and Mount Royal University, where she studied Social Service Work, Political Science, Law, and Addiction Medicine, before launching her career into Political Strategy and Campaign Management, Association Management, Emergency Disaster Leadership, and Grant Writing.

Her success can almost always be traced back to her demonstrated professionalism, complex understanding of government operations, ability to build a winning team, and confident negotiation skills.

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Trevor Watson, Business Manager

Trevor Watson, Business Manager

Trevor is an experienced and dedicated professional with a proven track record of success in multiple different fields of work. Trevor possesses solid expertise in technical and customer service and sales orientated backgrounds. Along with a focused approach to all goals and deadlines, resulting in an orientated team player with excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Trevor is committed to delivering high quality work and exceeding expectations. He takes pride leveraging his skills and experience to contribute effectively to a dynamic organization in team settings or individual assignments. Trevor works hard to provide a flawless approach to all endeavours he pursues.

Juaquin Chavez, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology

Juaquin Chavez, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology

Juaquin has over 25 years of experience in leading technical teams in product/application development.  Juaquin has spent over 25 years in the financial services industry as a senior technical leader for Trans Union, Experian, First American RES, CoreLogic and co-founder of Certemy.

Juaquin has over 6 years of experience in the licensing/credentialing/certification/ and compliance management space. He has worked with hundreds of companies across all licensing verticals to understand and develop solutions for their regulatory needs with an emphasis on user experience and process optimization.

Jennifer McAndrew, Director of Meetings, Conferences and Events

Jennifer McAndrew, Director of Meetings, Conferences and Events

Jennifer is the proud mom of two children, Chase and Bryn, ages 12 and 9. Her husband, Scott, is also her partner in all things planning and business.  

Having completed her BA in 2003, she completed her MBA (Marketing) in 2007. Jennifer is the recent recipient of an outstanding community involvement and leadership award for her dedication and hard work to events, sponsors and planning.  

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Mike Britton, Association Manager & Grant Writer

Mike Britton, Association Manager & Grant Writer

Mike is a former elected official that has operated in the political realm for all levels of government. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science with a Double Major in Medical Science & Classical Studies.

Mike has worked in property management; as an Associate Producer for a national news show; and is highly active in his community. He regularly volunteers with Habitat for Humanity; is on the board of his local Legion, Crime Stoppers; and is a member of many community groups like Rotary, JCI, the Naval Association and more.

Laila Garcia, Grant Researcher and Writer

Laila Garcia, Grant Researcher and Writer

Laila has over eight years of experience working for the Ontario Public Service where she has gained valuable experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of grant programs and within the application review and selection process.

She regularly provides information sessions to community-led organizations to help applicants understand the application process, provides support with completing the application forms, and understands requirements related to eligibility. She also ensures an equity-focused approach in the review and selection of successful applications is applied.

Laila is excited and enthusiastic to create comprehensive and captivating applications for non-profit, for profit, and individual applicants, with devotion and care.

Resa Agostina, Grant and RFP Writer

Resa Agostina, Grant and RFP Writer

Originally from Canada, Resa moved to America at age 16. She is a US Army Veteran with over 15 years of government work in the fields of engineering and government contracting.

Currently, she works for the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as doing contract work with The Smalldon Group, LLC working on grant writing and research. Resa has her Masters in Marketing and HR Management and currently resides in San Antonio Texas.

Valerie Spiegelman, Association Manager & Grant Writer

Valerie Spiegelman, Association Manager & Grant Writer

Valerie graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce Carleton University and studied Constitutional Human Rights Law at the University of Ottawa. She joined the Public Service where she participated in and advised on many high-profile audits and contributed to policy development over the last 17 years. Her continued success is due to her strong work ethic, and vast understanding of government operations. She lives in Ottawa with her husband and their son.

Jenny Mansell, Association Administrator

Jenny Mansell, Association Administrator

Jenny is an Association Administrator with The Smalldon Group, LLC. She has worked in Diagnostic Imaging for a large hospital system since 2010. Healthcare is her passion.

She currently resides with her family of four humans, 2 golden retrievers, and 3 cats. She spends as much time as she can at her summer cottage which she hopes to one day renovate and expand.

Andrew Wardell, Web and Digital Operations Lead

Andrew Wardell, Web and Digital Operations Lead

Andrew has over a decade of experience as a Multimedia Consultant and Web Designer with expertise in WordPress and Google Tools. With a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Carleton University and an Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology Diploma in Ottawa, Canada, he is well equipped to tackle any challenge in today’s digital age.

With many happy clients, he continues to provide excellent service with great attention to detail and an eye for design. He enjoys running or biking outdoors, and volunteers on the board of directors of a local non-profit child care organization.

Amanda Moon, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Amanda Moon, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Amanda is an exceptional professional, great multi tasker, hard worker and pays attention to detail. She enjoys being part of a team and excels in an environment of like minded people.

She has a decade long successful track record of supporting people and systems and helping them grow to their greatest potential. When she is not working, she spends her spare time living in the moment with her 3 children.

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